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The effects of child abuse is everlasting.  It does not end when a child becomes an adult.  The abuse inadvertently teaches them what they perceive to be the world.  A world with abuse as their story.  A story without trust and respect.  A story that begins and ends with pain inflicted & no choice to accept what has been written for them.  IOLS has created programs with the goals in mind to empower the victims of abuse with tools and knowledge that there is much more to the world.  That each child & adolescent can write their own story & create its own various chapters.

The curriculum of each program varies from teaching children's rights & abuse awareness, learning how to communicate through various mediums, physical activities, movements to pay it forward, & advocacy through mentorship.


Putting an end to abuse before it starts


Learning ways to cope


Activity is beneficial to the youth

Community Outreach Initiatives

Child Abuse Prevention Month
Build Your Own Bike
Journey through the Holidays
Fundraising Events